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  • DiscordMail links your Discord account to a unique E-Mail address, opening the reach of Discord to be able to communicate to a wider range of of people.

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Invite the bot and type 'dmail register'

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Thanks for registering with DiscordMail!
By viewing this E-Mail you will have succeeded in Step 1 of the DiscordMail tutorial.

Step 2: Try sending an E-Mail to a friend of yours.
dmail send yourfriend@example.com 'Hello!' I sent an E-Mail from Discord, isn't that cool?
Tip! You can attach a single file while sending the message to send the attachment in Discord!

Step 3: Explore!
Because DiscordMail is just a normal E-Mail client, you can use your DiscordMail account anywhere where you can insert an E-Mail. If E-Mails don't come out right in Discord, you can click the embed URL to open the original HTML version. Try it out on this E-Mail!

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